Athlete Q&A – Freya Ross (Nee Murray), Marathon Runner

Freya Ross (Nee Murray) – Marathon Runner
BEng Structural Engineering

Freya Ross

Freya Ross

How did you get started in running?
My older brother and sister were members of the local athletics club, Lasswade AC,  and I didn’t like to miss out on anything, so as soon as I was old enough I joined them.

What, or who, has been the biggest support to your running career?
I’m really lucky that I have a great group of people that all support me in different ways. My family (parents, brother and sisters) have always been brilliant, and my husband, coach and friends are all very supportive too.
How do you prepare for major events like the Commonwealth Games?
You just have to get yourself as fit as possible, and try to stay injury and illness free.

How do you feel about being part of such a major sporting event in Scotland?
I’m really excited about it. Competing in the Olympics was fantastic, so the possibility of taking part in another home games is brilliant.

Freya Ross
What does it mean to you to be ranked sixth-fastest ever Scottish female athlete over 5,000m and the fourth-fastest over 10,000m?
It’s a nice feeling to be highly ranked in the Scottish all time lists, but I regard myself as more of a marathon runner now and that’s where I see my future. I’d like to be at the top of the marathon rankings one day.

What was it like studying, training and competing while you were at Heriot-Watt?
I enjoyed my time as a student at Heriot-Watt: I worked hard, trained hard, and still enjoyed the typical student lifestyle to a certain extent, so I was always busy, but I didn’t like to miss out on anything. I feel like I made the most of my time there and I really appreciate the support I had from the University through the sports scholarship programme.

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