Watt Club Events in 2013

It’s been a fantastic year of events for the Watt Club and Heriot-Watt. Here’s a few choice picks.

March saw the inaugural Watt Club Debate, which was held alongside the Annual Meeting. The debate saw two teams made up of a student, and alumnus and a professor going head to head, debating the motion “This house believes the Industrial Revolution went too far, too fast”.

Debate teams

Preparing for war: Julian Jones stands at the front wielding his gavel with (from left to right) Nathan Bremner, Rob Lyon, David Hopkins, Steve McLaughlin, Dan Barnes and James McGeachie

winning debate team

Watt Club President, Keith Wallace (left) hands the cup to the winning team.

Why not join us in 2014 for our next debate?

In April we got together to listen to Heriot-Watt Honorary Graduate, Robin Ticciati play with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra at the Usher Hall. Beforehand, we were treated to a talk by Steve King, Heriot-Watt’s Director of Music, and viola player in the SCO.

Steve King chatting to Watt Club members before the concert.

Steve King chatting to Watt Club members before the concert.

Robin Ticciati conducting the SCO.

Robin Ticciati conducting the SCO.

June saw the installation of our new chancellor, Bob Buchan, as well as graduations at our Borders and Edinburgh Campuses, where we welcomed a new generation of Watt Club members.

Graduation at  Galashiels 2013

Graduation at Galashiels 2013 with Bob Buchan


Edinburgh Graduations


Welcoming new members!

September saw our Festival Fireworks, another hugely successful night at the opera for our Watt Club Norway members, and in Toronto, a 10th annual dinner that went down a treat.

Festival fireworks

Festival fireworks

Watt Club Toronto

Watt Club Toronto

Then in November, the chancellor’s tour, a 12-day trip to four international graduation ceremonies. You can read about this and see more images by clicking here.

Hong Kong Graduation

Hong Kong Graduation

A busy year – here’s looking at 2014!

To keep an eye on upcoming events, take a look here.

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