The Travelling Book Project

Mike Raven
MSc Construction Project Management
Founder of the Travelling Book Project

DSCF1055Mike Raven, a Masters alumni of Heriot-Watt University has launched a new campaign on crowdfunding website, Indiegogo, for “The Travelling Book Project”. We caught up with him to find out a bit more.

What is the Travelling Book Project?

The idea behind the project is that a blank journal travels around the world, from person to person, with each person writing in the book about their lives and interests. It gives people an opportunity to be creative, to connect with others, and to find out what different parts of the world is like by the people actually living there.

What happens to the book once complete?

The Travelling Book travels around the world, from person to person, with each person putting a little bit of their lives into the book.  When it’s full, the plan is for the book to come back to me, and I’ll make the book available on the Internet for everyone to see.  It’s a great way to be creative, make connections, but also to learn what life is really like around the world, from the people actually living there.  I hope, if the project is successful, to send many books out in this manner, ultimately creating a comprehensive view of the current world.

I always wanted to take part in an adventure, meeting new people and going to new places, but it’s unrealistic for me to do this right now. But a journal could make the journey.

Tell us a bit about your experience with Heriot-Watt, and what you’ve done since graduating.

My time with Heriot-Watt was really valuable. I studied on evenings and weekends as a distance learning student, but I didn’t feel as though I was treated differently because of it, and the support I got from the university was key. I visited the university before deciding to study there and my course leader, Dr Bowles, was a great help and extremely informative. And getting to graduate at the Edinburgh campus was fantastic!

mike and eden with travelling book 2My day job is working in the Construction Management Services team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, advising on the procurement of construction projects and managing contractors.  But I think having to put the time in to study on an evening for my MSc meant that when it finished, I was looking for something else to do on a night.  This got me into blogging, making videos, and then gave me the idea to create the Travelling Book Project.

Mike’s campaign has shown early promise, with 14% of the funding target coming in within the first 24 hours. Mike hopes to raise £500 for travelling books. “The more funding I can get, the more books can be made and sent out, making the project as big and successful as possible.”

The campaign ends on the 4th of August.

More information on the Travelling Book Project can be found on the Indiegogo crowdraising page:

Check out Mike’s blog at


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